AFRO Stitch & Tex Expo - Textile Processing Technology Editi

ATMA is Offering Low-Cost Presence At This Show

Are you interested in exploring the African marketplace? If yes, ATMA has created a low-cost way for your company to have a presence at the March 5-8, 2020 AFRO Stitch & Tex Expo – Textile Processing Technology Edition, in Cairo, Egypt. 

ATMA has reserved an exhibit booth at this show to promote the U.S. and Canadian Textile Machinery industries, and will have a representative on-site in the ATMA booth to distribute your company’s literature and information, and collect leads on your behalf.  

Why participate?  AFRICA … The Domicile for Future Textile Industries

Retaining well-off clothing industries geared up for large-scale progression while allowing for huge influx of genuine advanced textile technologies; the African continent is singled-out as a major future garment and textiles industrialization destination; as the African textiles and clothing industry classifies according to the World Bank economic reports among the fast-growing categorical economic sectors in the world; the continent enjoys true huge potential to become “the next stop for textile industries."

The 2019 AFRO Stitch & Tex included more than 400 exhibitors and 13,000 visitors.

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Member price: $375

Non-member price: $750

To participate, send a check to ATMA at:

ATMA-StitchTex Expo Booth

201 Park Washington Ct.

Falls Church, VA 22046-4527


Contact to confirm participation and receive more information on how to ship your literature to Cairo.