ATMA Committees

Executive Committee


The Executive Committee has all of the necessary powers to act for the Board of Directors between Board meetings, is responsible for keeping the Board informed of all actions, and serves as a long-range planning board for ATMA policy, programming and evaluation.

Finance Committee


The Finance Committee is responsible for:

general supervision of the association's finances; submitting an annual proposed income and expense budget to the Board of Directors for approval; reviewing and making recommendations on the long-range income and expense projections; reviewing monthly financial statements; studying and recommending investment of surplus funds; and review results of financial audits.

Government Affairs Committee


The Government Affairs Committee focuses on:

  • Support for public policy initiatives of the American Textile Manufacturers Institute and other customer organizations that will enhance the market for textile machinery manufacturers.
  • Product liability reform legislation.
  • General regulatory reform legislation as well as specific bills to reform OSHA.
  • Protection of intellectual property rights as part of negotiations with nations seeking acceptance into the World Trade Organization.
  • Tax reforms benefiting small business.
  • Export assistance.

Market Development Committee


The Market Development Committee initiates, develops and implements programs, which will enhance domestic and international sales for members. Market Development Committee activities are categorized:

  • Information and Education: Provide information to members to assist their marketing efforts and endeavors.
  • Customer Relations: Provide information to members to assist customer relations in both domestic and export activities.
  • Exhibitions: Provide services to members in conjunction with major domestic and international trade shows.
  • Directory and Website: Produce and distribute the directory of members' products and services and develop and maintain the association's website.

Technical Services Committee


The Technical Services Committee conducts technical seminars to advance technical information, including conformity to international standards pertinent to the industry; fosters working relationships on technical matters between ATMA and allied industry associations and appropriate government agencies; and informs members on domestic and international standards and regulations related to the technical aspect of the industry's business.