Corporate Members

A.B. Carter


Richard K. Craig, President and COO

Manufactures accessories for ring spinning and twisting—travelers, rings, bobbins, drive tapes and belts, in-line streamers.  Provides splicers, knotters, laboratory testing equipment for all textile processes.

American Truetzschler


Stefan Engel

We supply preparatory equipment for short and medium staple spinning plants and for manufacturing of non-wovens.  We design and install complete lines of machinery for fiber opening, cleaning, precision blending, mixing, high-speed carding & drawing and fiber recovery.

Argus Fire Control


Brian Teague, Vice President

Automatic fire detection and fire control systems for textile mills, and automatic ultra high speed metal detection and diversion.

Briggs-Shaffner Company


Emmitte E. Winslow, President & CEO

Standard and specialty beams, manufactured in section, tricot and loom types for fiber production and fabric weaving. Flanges are produced in our foundry, using full permanent mold process. Flange diameters of 14 to 50 inches are available. Other services and products include beam parts, cloth rolls, beam repairs and fabricated steel handling carts and racks.

C.A. Litzler


Matthew C. Litzler, Sales

Litzler designs and manufactures a complete line of continuous oven and dryer systems. Vertical and horizontal ovens and conveyorized ovens for woven and non-woven textiles. Dipping lines for tire cord fabric and Computreater laboratory machine. Coating lines, calendar trains, unwinders, accumulators, padders, coaters, saturators, steam and cooling drums, winders and special heavy-duty safety chucks.

Erhardt + Leimer, Inc.


Al Wright, Manager, Sales Division 1

Manufacture, sale, and service of monitoring and controlling equipment for continuous web processing.

Fi-Tech, Inc.


Jeffrey G. Bassett, Managing Director

Fi-Tech is the leading manufacturer’s agent and distributor serving the synthetic fiber and nonwoven fabrics industries in North America. Fi-Tech is responsible for sales, marketing, customer service and other duties for leading component and machinery suppliers such as: Autefa Solutions, Burckhardt, Cason, Enka Tecnica, Galan, Mozart Blades,  Sauer (Fibrevision, Heberlein & TEMCO). Schill & Seilacher, Sikoplast, Tokuden, and Trützschler Man-Made Fibers.

Lamb Knitting


William J. Giokas, President

Manufacturers and designers of small diameter single and multi-feed circular weft and warp knitting machines, narrow fabric flat knitting machines, spooling and roll-up accessories. Manufacturing services offered for replacement cams and cylinders.

Morrison Textile


John M. White, Jr., President

Designers and manufacturers of continuous dyeing and finishing machinery for fabric producers worldwide.  Agents in 30+ countries.  Expert installation and service. Core Technologies: Sanforizing, Indigo Dyeing, Open Width Preparation & Dyeing, Mercerizing, Washing, Steaming, Cylinder Drying, Chemical Impregnation, Process Controls

Navis Global


Will Motchar, President and CEO

Navis Global is a global leader in the design and manufacture of world-class knit finishing machinery, yielding the highest quality tubular and open-width knit fabric in the industry.  Product line includes: 4 Roll Pad, Suction Drum Dryer (widths 48", 60", 78", 96"), Relax Conveyor Dryer (widths 48", 60", 78", 96", 120"), Combination Drum/Relax Dryer (widths 48", 60", 78", 96"), Pah-Nit II Tubular Compactor, C-2000 Open Width Compactor, Continuous Jersey Finishing Range and Continuous Fleece Finishing Range.

Pneumafil Corp.


Wayne Cuthbertson, General Manager of Air Systems Division
John Stonestreet, Sales Manager, Textile Systems Division

Designs, manufactures, installs, and services complete Air Conditioning, Humidification, Air Filtration, Dust Extraction, and Fiber Waste Handling Systems for the Textile and Non-Woven Industry. Also provides Monitoring Systems, and High-Vacuum Material Transport Systems (Abington).

R.A. Moore Associates


R. Allen Moore, Jr., President

A leading edge integrator of variable speed drives, process control and information technology (IT). We provide solutions for continuous processes and batch operations. We offer recipe control schemes with operator friendly touch screen interfaces, as well as historical data collection for certifying processes and report generation. From tension control to Internet web browser reporting, R.A. Moore can provide a complete integration package backed by 24/7 service.

SDL Atlast


Allen H. Simpson, General Manager of U.S. Operations

SDL Atlas, formed from the amalgamation of SDL International, Atlas Textile Test Products, Raitech and Textile Innovators, is the world’s premier provider of textile test equipment and services, with manufacturing operations in Charlotte, NC, Chicago, IL, USA and Stockport, UK.  Sales and service centers operated by distributors in over 80 countries as well as a joint venture operation with 3 offices in China ensure rapid and efficient after-sales service.  Over 600 products are displayed in a full-color catalog.  Available free on application.  The full catalog is also featured on the website,

Textube (GS Industries)


Starlett Hedrick, Sales Manager

Manufactures full line of yarn carriers for roving, spinning, (ring, open-end, friction, and air-jet), twisting, doubling, winding, warping, weaving, knitting, etc.

Thies Corporation


Ronald Schrell, Executive Vice President

Fabric and yarn dyeing machines, dryers, control systems, dispensing systems for wet finishing industry.

Zimmer American Corporation


Roland J.P. Zimmer, President and CEO

An integrated manufacturing company specializing in the manufacture of state of the art textile, carpet and transfer paper printing equipment, high efficiency dryers, and auxiliary equipment for the finishing plant. Zimmer has an active research and development department, a comprehensive spare parts department and mechanical and electrical/electronic technicians available for world wide installation and service work.  Zimmer’s JIGMATIC Division manufactures state of the art jig dyeing machines, atmospheric and HT up to 58” diameter rolls and 3400 mm fabric width.  The jigs are all electrically driven and computer controlled.